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Upside Down World Ipoh

Get prepared to let your imagination go extremely wide as you walk upside down our west style street attraction. The attraction consists of west style street and market to give you the feeling of walking down the street upside down. Our studio includes different equipment and arts exclusively designed to interact with our awesome visitors. The attraction is never completed unless a person or people get into poses in it.

Besides that, we arrange the space so that our visitors can relate with the west style street and have the biggest fun of their life. We complete the attraction with creative demonstrated by our staffs to visitors to follow. E.g., the picture above shows one of our visitors photographed doing high-level yoga on the stairs. Yoga expert can only archive this high-level yoga. Our creative staffs initiate the pose, and anyone can be shot with it.

This attraction is open to both adult and children. Children are also welcome during the holidays. The studio is open to them to interact with our different attractions.

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