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Upside Down World Ipoh

Have fun eating in the dining upside down. Let the fear go, and awake the adventure spirit in you. Take a lot of pictures, enjoy a memorable moment disobeying the law of gravity and share the beautiful experience with loved ones.

This attraction is also interesting and created to provide maximum entertainment for visitors. They can interact with this space, with different poses that will be described by our staffs. In this attraction, visitors will have the fun of their life as they take hilarious photos with friends and families.   Visitors will be pictured upside down while in dining. Dining table, chairs, and other elements of interior decoration are provided for this attraction. This space is well lightened and good for photography. You don’t have to think of possible poses and stunts.  Upside Down World staffs are well trained, friendly and experienced staff will provide interesting and creative poses for you.

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