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Upside Down World Ipoh

Awaken all your five senses as you step into Upside Down World anti-gravity studio. Spend time doing laundry and have maximum fun as well. This exciting attraction will make you forget your worries.

Visitors can interact with the room, with different poses that will be described by our staffs.  Laundry machine, used clothes, laundry basket, and detergent are provided for this attraction. In this attraction, visitors will have the time of their life as they take funny photos with friends and families.  In this attraction, you will be pictured upside down while you do laundry. The room is well lightened and good for photography. You don’t have to think of possible poses, our well trained, friendly and experienced staff will provide exciting and creative poses for you. In addition, our staffs are available to help visitors take pictures as well. They will give you cool and lovely shot.

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