About Us


Our Mission

Upside Down World Ipoh

Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to the visitors. We would love to see them come with doubt and left with a smile on their face.


About Us

Founded September 2018 to entertain visitors with different attractions that they can relate with, Upside Down World is an anti-gravity studio for trick art aimed at entertain visitors with the combination of art, tricks, and photography.

Have you ever been photographed upside down? Or photographed floating in the air? Or climbing a tall structure?

We have dedicated our time, efforts, and professionalism to bring one of the best skills in photography and trick art to Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. A lot of feedback has been received from visitors on how much fun they have visiting our studio and how memorable visiting our studio is.

Being consisted of 16 attractions, we have a western-style street and market, vintage style room, girlish bedroom and lot more. The western street and market attractions are design to make visitor have the feeling of walking around the street and market upside down. Visitors will be photographed with different poses. Meanwhile, the vintage style living room is also design to give visitors the feeling of having fun in a sitting room upside down.

Another fascinating attraction is the 5d tall building like attraction on the second floor. Here, different interesting poses can be archived. Visitors can pretend they are struggling to hold the window frame or the edge of the building to prevent them from falling. Not only that, visitors can also pretend that they are falling down from the top; you can imagine how scary that will be.

Besides that, visitors don’t have to think about poses. We have experienced, talented and creative staffs that will provide outstanding ideas and demonstrate creative poses and also assist visitors in taking pictures. Our staffs are well trained, helpful, friendly and they are ready to welcome visitors any day.