Top 15 Photography Types That You Need to Know

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Top 15 Photography Types That You Need to Know

Top 15 Photography Types That You Need to Know

In this new era of camera phones, people always click and share their pictures with friends and families; these camera phones are making people exposed to photography and visual imagery in many forms. We view photos shared by our friends on social media, we see the promoting campaigns online; photography is used to communicate with viewers or to express feeling to viewers. A lot of people click and view images every day but few of them don’t understand the message and the feeling behind the image. Different photography types have its own way of inspiring photographers. Getting to know the different photography types, will help you to understand and read meaning to any picture.

These are top 15 different types of photography:

  • Aerial Photography: It can also be referred to as bird eye photography. As photographers fly or get above the field level, they shoot the beautiful scene seen below us them. For example, when photographers are in a flight, they try to catch the landscape scene which we can see from above.
  • Architectural Photography: Framing the color, layout, shape or art of any structure might be pleasing to eyes. All the visuals of buildings or monuments are in this genre of photography.
  • Candid Photography: For example, when photographers are in a flight, they try to catch the landscape scene which we can see from above. The object is not aware of the presence of the photographer, so they appear natural and hence the image results into a highly relaxed one. A long zoom lens is used to capture the candid object without getting closer to it.
  • Documentary Photography: These involve taking numerous explanatory pictures for educational or monumental use. They are representational images which may include a story of war, science, fiction, etc.
  • Fashion Photography: These photography types are mainly used to publicize fashion item like cloth and other fashion accessories that are for sale. This genre incorporates the glamorization of the product which makes a product appear interesting to consumers.
  • Food Photography: Food photographer is hired by restaurants, bloggers, etc. to take pictures for advertising their different meal. The use of high-quality flash is needed in other to show the natural colors of the food.
  • Landscape Photography: This sort of photography is one of the most common kinds of photography. In this genre, the photography of beautiful sceneries and environment is done.
  • Night-long Exposure Photography: As the night falls, there are a countless beautiful thing which a viewer cannot see with the naked eye but the camera will. This photography is basically focused on the know-how of light, aperture, and shutter.
  • Photojournalism: This sort of photography is highly similar to that of documentary photography. Photojournalism includes taking an image of events as they occur and then reporting it to the whole world. For example, images in newspapers, news or in magazines are all photojournalism.
  • Conceptual/Art Photography: This type of photography incorporates telling a story. The photographer sends a message, an idea or an emotion to viewers with the use of images. Trick art also fall under this category. Upside Down World studio is a great example of where you can find or practice conceptual/art photography.
  • Portrait Photography: In this sort of photography, all the focus is generated on the mood or on the sayings of the object. The portrait might be a full-body portrait or close-up portrait. This type of photography is guided with concepts.
  • Sports Photography: This genre of photography involves taking pictures at sports events. The use of long lenses is needed to capture important moments. It is one of the most difficult and interesting types of photography as it involves taking pictures of an object in motion.
  • Street Photography: Capturing some interesting moments in people’s day-to-day life or at public places like a market, busy street, busy road, etc. are also interesting. It is just like that of candid photography. This genre, photographer visualize the real-life scene or behind the scene pictures, while in candid the focus is on the object.
  • War Photography: This genre works on the areas in war, or regions that recently came out of war. The photographers endanger their life to capture these images. These images or the stories might be recorded even after war.
  • Wildlife Photography: It is one of the challenging types of photography genre. A single error from the photographer can miss a perfect or desired shot. It involves taking pictures of wildlife animals.

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